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Honeylicous Recipes

Email us your favorite honey recipes at and if we select your recipe to post, we will send you a free BADASS bee pin

Grilled Peaches with BADASS Honey (Voted #1 recipe by our beekeepers!)

This healthy grilled peaches recipe is crazy easy and quick but oh so good. With only two simple ingredients, you can enjoy this sweet treat all summer. Fire up your grill to make a quick snack or dessert! Check out the recipe here! Check out our very own BADASS peach tree here!


Acai Bowl with BADASS Honey Drizzle

This homemade acai or pitaya bowl is a perfect healthy breakfast! Add some granola, fruit, almond butter, and drizzle some BADASS honey on top for a sweet bite!


Hot BADASS Honey Chicken

Hot BADASS honey chicken is the one chicken recipe that we can't get enough of. It's all the best things – sweet, spicy, crunchy, juicy – all wrapped up into one delicious meal. Check out the recipe here


Peanut Butter and BADASS Honey Fudge!

If you are a peanut butter lover and are looking for a sweet treat, then this easy peanut butter and honey fudge recipe is just for you! Instructions here.


BADASS Honey and Sesame Challah

Great for making french toast! Recipe here.

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